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Every business has a story

Get yours out to investors and stakeholders today

Boardroom.Media helps organisations grow by connecting their stories to investors and other important stakeholders, enabled by the BRM digital platform, network and marketplace.

Boardroom Media is the media production and live streaming (webcasting) provider of choice for ASX-listed companies, funds, professional services firms and brands for over 15 years.

Headquartered in Sydney, we have an international network of specialists who understand local market content requirements and nuances. Our publishers, editors, journalists and marketers are supported by media technology specialists.

We create, curate and syndicate great content that helps organisations connect with the right audiences.



BRM will coordinate all internal stakeholders providing an integrated communications solution enabled by bespoke digital technology.


We can craft and deliver your message across all media types / channels, both traditional and digital. Every time, on time.


We connect you with stakeholders and investors; from building your media profile to quality research & journalism, and access to decision maker communities


ASX and SGX listed companies trust their communications to Boardroom Media because we deliver professional outcomes.


We track engagement, delivering data and insights, helping you get the best ROI on every publishing & marketing dollar.


Whether you use self service through the BR Connect Suite or prefer us to do everything, we can work with your budget.

BRM Services

Boardroom Media is a content and digital media group, specialising in servicing Corporate Communication, PR and Investor Relations, helping them connect with their target audiences.


The BRM ecosystem consists of three layers; Content. Channels and Audiences - all enabled by our proprietary technology platform

The journalists, producers & technology enables BRM to create and curate content on behalf of its clients, using research and business intelligence*

Content is distributed globally via BRM’s own channels (, Which-50 and the BRM databases), direct integration media partners (Bloomberg, Iress, Refinitiv) and through third party partners

BRM can access a global audience, segmented by GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard). These include Businesses, Executives, Boardrooms, Investors, Media and other stakeholders

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* Content can include editorial, hosted interviews, mini casts and series, documentaries, white papers and more

Press Conference Microphones



Database of 1 million Australian Executive & high net worth individuals


BRM's integrated communication suite platform was originally built to manage the internal production workflow and content distribution for Boardroom Media. 

It has now been developed to allow our clients access to the platform remotely, so they can self manage some of their publishing requirements. 

The platform also gives our clients real time feedback on the engagement of the market with this content. 

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Tel: +61 2 9339 6555

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