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Thursday September 2nd, 11am

Quick summary

Access Investing is a market offering that provides ordinary (or ‘retail’) investors with access to private growth & pre-IPO company investments, together, with the networks & industry experience of the Access Investing team to source and select prospective investments following a rigorous screening process.

Investment Benefits

  • Access to pre-IPO investments which are generally restricted to professional investors only;
  • Receive investments into nominated trading account as each prepares for IPO / ASX listing;
  • High-growth investments with potential for significant private-to-public premium upon ASX listing;
  • Access Investing’s deep networks and industry experience used to source, review and select investments.

The current state of pre-IPO investing in Australia

Pre-IPO capital is raised by a company in the lead up to its initial public offering (“IPO”) on the ASX and is generally priced at a substantial discount to the eventual IPO price.

The current regulations for company investing in Australia favours a small number of wealthy investors by restricting pre-IPO investments to “sophisticated” or “wholesale” investors who meet certain income or asset thresholds.

Which leaves the majority of the investment community only able to invest at higher prices, either at the IPO, or afterwards.


Our Investment Strategy

Our Investment Committee’s strategy is to invest in companies that fit the following criteria, with a strong preference for Australian focused growth companies in the technology, resources and biotechnology industries.

Clear path to IPO on ASX

Intention and clear path to an ASX Initial Public Offering, at most within 18 months. The company will have reputable management and advisors in place. Also desirable for an IPO broker / lead manager to be appointed with a successful track record of completing listings that perform well post-IPO.

Proven business model

A proven and developed concept / business model, with a robust plan for near-term commercialisation (excluding mineral exploration and bio-technology companies). We will also favour companies that score well on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria.

Experienced management and board

Experienced management and board with a mix of skills and a track record of success.

Growth & scale potential

Growth industries and company has the potential to scale and add significant shareholder value in medium to long term.

Plan B

In case the IPO is delayed or not successful, a bias towards companies with trade sale potential or the ability to raise private capital and / or reach cashflow breakeven in the short term.

If you are raising capital for your company which fits these criteria then contact us.


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