Invest in a SaaS based Culture Technology Leader.
Proven High Growth High Margin Performer
Opportunity to Invest Now

We are pleased to offer sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in Appellon.

Appellon, an Australian founded SaaS company, has a strong history in partnering with Enterprises to drive performance through behavioural adoption.

The company has successfully implemented programs in major organisations such as the Royal Australian Navy, Northern Territory Health, PwC, Commonwealth Bank Super, ING, the UK NHS among many other top tier companies.

Appellon is now looking to scale its four new products (Self Connect, Team Connect, Leadership Connect & Workforce Connect) from the Appellon Connect Suite which has currently generated over $1.7m in sales during COVID. This has been achieved within 4 months after launching the new products.

There has been a significant amount of momentum and traction built since the arrival of COVID, and we are now looking for investors to join us, and our joint business relationship partner PwC, on our fast-tracked global growth journey.

Why Invest Now?

  • Over $1.7m in revenue generated within the first 4 months after launching (during COVID).
  • 13,000 monthly users already signed up.
  • Predictable monthly recurring revenue.
  • Very high SaaS margins.
  • Products are COVID relevant and setting the global “new” normal standards.
  • Product suite improves and monitors workforce wellbeing, WFH productivity, and remote workforce management
  • Measures behavioural outputs against performance improvements.

Contact Details:
Stephen Becsi
Executive Director


Suite 4, Level 17 227 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: +61 2 9339 6555