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Episode 3: 1st Group drives proactive healthcare

In this episode of the Impact Pioneers series, Klaus Bartosch, CEO and Managing Director of 1st Group Ltd speaks to Boardroom.Media reporter Velvet-Belle Templeman.

They discuss 1st Group’s mission to digitise healthcare, transforming the industry from one that is reactive to proactive.

Episode 2: Megado Gold brings water and jobs to Ethiopia

In this episode, Michael Gumbley, CEO of Megado Gold speaks to Boardroom.Media reporter Velvet-Belle Templeman. They discuss Megado’s impact journey, as they work to be stewards of both their shareholders’ wealth, and the community in which they work.

Episode 1: S&P Global's Sustainable Development Goals Framework

In the first episode of Impact Pioneers Michael Salvatico, Head of ESG Business Development at Trucost, part of S&P Global speaks to Boardroom.Media reporter

Velvet-Belle Templeman about the organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals Framework.

Watch more from Impact Pioneers

showcases the Private Sector as key to social, economic and environmental sustainability.We speak to the companies that are driving profit with purpose and innovating to solve for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations.

Virtual Information Session

Boardroom.Media and Which-50 Content Producer and Reporter Velvet-Belle Templeman and Which-50 Editor in Chief Andrew Birmingham hosted a live video webcast to discuss the Impact Pioneers series in more detail and to answer your questions about how to participate as a thought leader and episode sponsor.


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