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Conscious Capitalism.

Ethical Wealth.

Sustainable Finance.

Pay It Forward, The Responsible Investment Series, explores the changing nature of the investment landscape towards RI and ESG factors, where investors are choosing to grow wealth responsibly.


In this 10 part series we speak to fund managers, analysts and experts from the RI community about the benefits of investing capital consciously, ethically and sustainably. 

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 Episode 2:

The Responsible Investment Spectrum

Boardroom.Media Reporter Velvet-Belle Templeman speaks to Matthew Tominc, CIO of Conscious Investment Management, a leading impact investment fund. 


In this episode they discuss the wide scope of the responsible investment spectrum as well as balancing financial returns with the intentional delivery of impact. 


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 Episode 1:

The Origins of Responsible Investment

Boardroom.Media Reporter Velvet-Belle Templeman speaks to James Tayler, Head of ESG at Ellerston Capital

They discuss the origins of Responsible Investment, why the sector has outperformed its market benchmarks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as well as outlining the benefits to the investor and to broader society in investing capital consciously.



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