Annual General Meeting

26 November 2021 - 11am AWST / 2pm AEDT


Please note, only Shareholders may ask questions once they have been verified. Shareholders will have a reasonable opportunity to make comments and ask questions on all the items of business set out in the Notice of Meeting during the meeting (including a reasonable opportunity to ask questions of the auditor).

Shareholders are requested to restrict themselves to two questions or comments initially, and further questions will be considered if time permits. Questions and comments may be moderated to avoid repetition and to make them more concise.

As there may not be sufficient time available to address all of the comments and questions raised, shareholders are encouraged to submit questions prior to the AGM. A Shareholder who is entitled to vote at the meeting may submit a written question to the Company in advance of the Meeting. We ask that all pre-Meeting questions be received by the Company no later than 48 hours before the date of the AGM, being 11:00am (WST) on 24 November 2021. Any questions should be directed to


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