The Workplace Culture Series


The Collective Question is a workplace culture series that aims to bring the idea of ‘the collective’ or the needs of the group, back to the centre of our corporate consciousness. 

We speak to thought leaders and experts from corporate Australia to learn from their experience how to shift from ego driven individuality, to a collective, purpose driven team.

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Episode 1:  Building a Collective Culture

We speak to Mark Sewell, CEO of Warrigal, one of Australia's leading Aged care providers about creating a collective workplace culture.

To see the extended version of this interview click here.

Episode 2:  The Concept of "Care"

We speak to James Robison, a Business Development expert, about the importance of care in corporate culture.

Episode 3: Managing Change

We speak to Pieter Lindhout, Founder of JANZO Consulting, about embracing change in a transforming marketplace.

Episode 4: Culture vs Strategy

We speak to Stephen Besci, Executive Director of Appellon, about how culture informs and executes systems and processes.

Episode 5: A Culture of Stewardship

We speak to David Knight, CEO of  Adventist Senior Living, about the impact of Stewardship on relationships.

Episode 6: People and Growth

We speak to Ross Thorpe, Partner at PwC Australia about how a people focussed approach can lead to business growth.

Episode 7: Measuring Behaviours

We speak to COO at Top End Health Service about measuring behaviours in the rapidly changing Public Health sector.

Episode 8: Managing Fear

We speak to Mark Sewell, CEO of Warrigal about how the aged care sector is managing fear through their COVID-19 response.

Episode 9: The Value of Trust

We speak to Michelle Hutton, CEO of Edelman Australia.
Following the release of Edelman's special report "Brand Trust" off the back of their annual "Trust Barometer", today we discuss the value of trust in leadership.


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