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Managing and measuring workplace culture

The Collective Question is a new series that aims to bring the idea of ‘the collective’ or the needs of the group, back to the centre of our corporate consciousness. 


Throughout this series we will be speaking to experts from corporate Australia, learning through their experience, what it takes to shift a workplace culture away from ego driven individuality to a collective purpose driven team. The question we must ask ourselves in decision making is a “collective question” - How do my actions or behaviours contribute to the organisation's purpose? 


Success lies within asking wiser questions, which results in smarter decision making for the best interests of the organisation, increased individual self worth, and wiser ways of living and working. Changing our workplace behaviours to an objectively focused, collective mentality increases our sense of achievement, allowing us to improve the business from the inside out.

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The CultureTech digital platform, Appellon, brought to you by Founder and CEO Sue Jauncey, is the company measuring performance against behavioural outputs. Appellon has successfully improved both the workplace culture and business performance of The Royal Australian Navy and the NHS Trust, bringing these organisations from a place of “learned helplessness”, sanctions and special measures to an aligned workforce, successfully achieving their common goals. 

"Quite simply, we focus on the 'way you do things' which makes us different to every other culture specialist around. What makes us distinct is a focus on, and measurement of, behavioural outputs rather than views and opinions.”

Appellon drives connectivity and collectivity for all individual employees, resulting in happier staff and improved strategic outperformance.

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