BRM's integrated communication suite provide was originally built to manage the internal production workflow and content distribution.

It has now been developed to allow our clients access to the platform remotely and self manage some of their publishing requirements.

The platform also gives our clients real time feedback on the engagement of the market with their content.

At the Office

Key Platform Benefits for the clients

Through the client CMS a company has access to publishing tools that can generate editorial content, press releases and monitor market response to this content by tracking how users engage with the articles.

Each article published has the ability to generate a forum post. Users who are following the article can then interact with each other. This generates sentiment data that an organization can then analyze.

An organization can also launch an enterprise grade webinar through the easy-to-use interface, launching a live video or audio conference with slides and polling.

Managed services can also be purchased to produce higher quality content for a company that doesn’t have conntent creation or production facilities.