What to wear on camera

Here’s some sartorial assistance to help you steal the scene on screen…

1. Pattern problems
Clothing with a fine pattern like stripes, checks or herringbone can be distorted on camera, creating an effect where it looks like the pattern is moving on your outfit. Pattern problems are most common on shirts and blouses, although bold pinstriped suits and corduroy pants can have a similar effect.

Patterns where the elements aren’t so close together are a safer bet, although large patterns can be distracting for viewers. Similarly, avoid shiny fabrics like satin, as it can look strange under the lighting.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear anything that has a pattern, but it is best to limit it to smaller items of clothing like ties and scarves.

2. Colour on camera
Given patterns are frequently distorted by the camera, choosing clothing in solid colours is a good idea.

Medium-coloured suits and dresses are typically better than outfits in a stark black can make the presenter look washed out on camera.

Be careful when selecting red or pink jackets or shirts, as these can make the presenter look red. When it comes to selecting a shirt, blue shirts are a safe bet – white shirts may also make the presenter look washed out, unless worn under a jacket to help break it up.

If you know what background you will be appearing in front of, choose an outfit that won’t blend into it.

3. Bringing the bling
Avoid chunky jewellery as the clinking sounds of necklaces, bracelets, bangles or dangling earrings can be picked up by the microphone.

4. Do a last-minute check:

  • Comb your hair and brush it back from your face
  • Check for food caught in between your teeth
  • Touch up your makeup
  • Check that your collar and/or tie is sitting properly
  • Unbutton your suit jacket if you’ll be sitting down during the filming

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