Why AI Will Power Customer Experience in the World After COVID-19

The world of business is undergoing one of the most profound transformations of the last century. The short-term disruption of COVID-19 creates an extraordinary marketplace, where 90 per cent of the interactions a brand has with its consumers and customers will be through digital channels.

While COVID-19 will eventually pass and consumers will once again be free to operate more in the physical world, the relationship with the consumer will likely alter forever. Successful companies will be those who learn more about their customers in that time than their competitors. And the most successful will be those who turn those insights into action and actions into long term relationships.

Technologies like sophisticated data, analytics and AI will be critical to success.

This deep dive Q&A session will be with SAS Customer Intelligence Lead, Justin Theng (pictured) and will look at the role of AI in CX in the current, almost entirely digital marketplace and will explore;

– How AI is key to unlocking your customer’s experience
– Why customer data and insights do not transform your CX, decisions do
– How to make decisions faster and better with AI
– How technology can improve the future of CX

Justin Theng is an author, speaker, marketing expert, and has won 15 international marketing awards. With 15 years’ experience in the industry, Justin has coached many Marketing and CX leaders, and his brand experience extends across Spotify, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Telstra, ABC, Yahoo and Westpac.

Andrew and Justin look forward to welcoming you to this webinar.

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